Four Star Pizza reveals Ireland’s top Christmas party regrets!


It turns out that our number one most horrifying habit at the annual Christmas bash is getting a little too close with our co-workers under the mistletoe. And if turning Christmas into kissmas wasn’t bad enough, we’re also pretty good at making the most of the free bar on offer!



Four Star Pizza carried out a survey recently and found that while men are more likely to snog the face off a colleague, women take the whole honesty is the best policy thing a little too literally and have a tendency to tell people what they really think of them, when the wine starts to flow.

Sound familiar?

If you think you’ve had your fair share of post-party woes, we guarantee some of these fear-inducing stats will make you feel a WHOLE lot better …

Here are some of our favourites:

8% – confessed to having tried it on with the boss

18% – think getting sick in public is the ultimate festive no-no

49% – agree that the free bar is the best part of the Christmas party

2/3 – of Irish people admit to mismanaging their alcohol intake at the annual Christmas shindig

1/4 – of respondents are most excited to hear who kissed who the next day!

50% – think Snapchat is doing the office gossip’s job for them

60% – said they would break their colleague’s trust if told a secret at the office party – with 5% saying they wouldn’t even wait until it ends to let the secret slip!

And, this is our favourite one of all: 55% said the ultimate fear-reducing comfort food is pizza. Yasssss.



Want even more honesty? Watch Buzz from Hardy Bucks confess his own Christmas party indiscretions… Check it out here

Luckily help is at hand and Brian Clarke of Four Star Pizza said they “will be there the following day, and throughout the festive period, providing pizza to people nationwide in their hour of need!”

We’re pretty sure we’ll have more than one of those, so keep the pizza close!