Pamper Paradise: Our Picks

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The U team are no strangers to a bit of pampering (what? We deserve it, okay?!) and we have a neverending list of amazing places we’ve visited and loved. Here are just some that really stood out to us…
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Molesworth Street, Dublin

“I’ve been blonde my whole life but I’ve been blonder because of my wonderful colourist Emmain Kazumi on Molesworth Streetin Dublin. I’ve cheated on her a (very) few times and always always come back. I get so long from my colour that she’s probably doing the salon a disservice but it’s a wonderful thing for anyone who gets highlights. She understands vague directions like “could it be fashion icey but not grey, sort of Scandanavian white but golden?” and I always leave very, very happy. Of course that could be down to the fact that they’re always trying to push prosecco and chocolates on me and they have the best magazines (including U). It’s ablissful couple of hours.”

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