Depuff your eyeballs in 5 minutes

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Puffy eyes are the worst. They can be caused by so many reasons – allergies, ugly crying, too many drinks over the weekend, or just a really crappy night’s sleep. Plus they’re really hard to cover up, even when you’ve slapped on the thickest concealer you can find.

We don’t have too much time in the mornings, what with hitting the snooze button six times and all, but getting rid of those puffy eyes is a must if you’re going to look like you’ve had any beauty sleep at all.

So here are 5 ways to de-puff your eyeballs in five minutes or less…







Not your other half, your eyes. Leave two clean teaspoons in the freezer and press them gently against your eyes for a few minutes on majorly puffy mornings. Just be sure to give them a rinse before you do.

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