Man Vs Lipstick: The Ultimate Debate

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With the week of the 14th of February upon us and so much of life’s affairs of the heart about taking risks, we, at U mag, are convinced wearing a bold lipstick shouldn’t add unnecessary stress to the stakes.

So with that, we, felt it our duty to compile a list of the most pigmented, longest-wearing and damn-near kiss-proof lipsticks there are on the market.

It’s the 21st century and as modern woman, we are used to having it all, and when it comes to our lipstick, we feel no different. We want high-impact colour, with low-maintance and aren’t willing to compromise on comfort either.

Call us idealists, but when we’re lacquering up, we’re never willing to settle! Our love lives might not be perfect, but our Valentine’s Day pout sure as hell can be…

See what eight essential shades made the ‘it behaves so you don’t have to’ cut…

STUNNA Lip Paint, €22, Fenty Beauty

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