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Have you heard of multi masking? If not, you better listen up as it’s already one of the biggest trends to hit the skincare industry this year and is quite possibly the solution to all your skincare needs. Leading the charge is L’Oréal Paris with their new collection of clay masks. Based on the notion that the stresses of modern life impact skin quality, the brand have designed three different masks to tackle three different concerns – brightness, shine and clarity.

However, what’s really different about the range is that each mask has been designed to work in conjunction with each other meaning we can multi mask to our heart’s content, creating a truly bespoke skincare experience.

So how does it work? Well, the range has three clay masks (RRP €11.99), all of which contain three different supercharged ingredients as well as an individual hero ingredient. Each mask contains Ghassoul, a Morrocan volcanic clay which absorbs impurities; Montmorillonite, a clay rich in minerals which eliminates imperfections; and Kaolin, a pure clay renowned for its clarifying properties.

The Pure Clay Purity Mask (the green one) has green eucalyptus as its hero ingredient which will purify and mattify skin; the Pure Clay Detox Mask (the black one) contains black charcoal to detoxify and brighten skin; while the Pure Clay Glow Mask (the red one) is all about red algae which will exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Of course a bespoke skincare treatment such as this does allow for some experimentation as to what works best for you, but as a rule of thumb try the Pure Clay Purity Mask on your T-Zone, try the Pure Clay Detox mask on the chin and jawline and try the Pure Clay Glow Mask on your cheeks. Best of all, the masks take just ten minutes to work, making them super user friendly. See how easy it is?

It’s time to #clayyourway to perfect skin.

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