Monday blues? Treat yourself with these 5 products!

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Fear not, you’ll feel SO much better after you pamper yourself tonight

Monday blues are the worst, like literally the worst. The only thing that might be worse than Monday blues is Sunday fear – and that’s only a might. Getting up, feeling exhausted, trekking into work (amid painful amounts of traffic that is), sitting at your desk from 9-5 to trek home again (no doubt in painful amounts of traffic that is).

OK, so it’s not the worst way to live but it’s definitely not the easiest and some times we just want a little chill and pamper time. Yes, we’ve had the weekend to do that but Mondays are a b*tch so why not save the pamper session until today?

Instead of setting yourself up in front of the TV for another night of mind-numbing reality TV dramas, we recommend you get your hands on these lovely bits and have a total *YOU* night – that’s right, the only thing you should be worrying about tonight is minimising your pours and maximising your hair condition.

For damaged hair

PROFIBER Revive Masque

Pro Fibre Masque, €21.99, L’Oreal Professional 

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