Watch! Christmas party hair made easy

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With all the parties ahead, these gorgey hair tutorials have come at the perfect time

Is it just us or does Christmas feel earlier and earlier each year? Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely not complaining! Team U are massive Christmas fans and have had our office Christmas tree up since November 1st – a tree made of Ferroro Rocher and all (it’s about 10 inches but we still think we’re big fancy pants).
So while the Christmas cheer has been around here for quite some time, it’s now rapidly spreading around Ireland with it being December 1st and all.
With that in mind, the ball is finally getting rolling for Christmas – decorations are being put up, presents are being bough and the nights out are being planned. Phew, who said Christmas was easy?
One of the thing we’re really looking forward to is all the style, beauty and hair updates we’re starting to see in our wardrobes. And one thing we’re not putting on the back burner this year is hair. And luckily for us (and you all) Great Lengths have made some hair tutorials to complete your outfit for the upcoming parties – a classic bardot ponytail and festive spiral curls. Both looks are really easy to achieve.
Spiral Curls
Click here to check out this party look.
Finished Look
Bardot Ponytail
Click here to check out this party look.
Finished Look (1)