Angela Loves… No Make-Up Selfies & Flat Shoes

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Is it REALLY a ‘no make-up selfie’ or are people faking it a bit? Angela wonders… 



angela scanlon

No make-up selfie

While it’s been undeniably successful in raising funds for cancer, I can’t help but feel like the ‘no make-up selfie’ business is a little bit like the ‘no make-up make-up look’. It takes effort and all is not as it seems. Of course I’m being a tad cynical here but there were many high-profile bodies unveiling their faces to the world with all manner of filters on hand. Filters I can deal with but it’s the ones where said naked faces are in fact slathered with concealer and mascara and liner and even lippie… The only issue I have with this is that it makes women feel like it’s something of a triumph to emerge without war paint intact, like it’s a terribly brave thing and excusable only because it’s ‘for charity’. I love wearing no make-up, it started off feeling terrifying, but now I do it all the time, well a lot of the time. Yes, continue to text and give to a worthy cause but give yourself a break while you’re at it. The world can cope with your slightly flawed complexion and I guarantee you’ll look younger. Bonus!

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