Blake Lively’s best post-pregnancy outfits

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Little James Reynolds has done wonders for our favourite Gossip Girl’s wardrobe

From what we’ve heard from friends, family and a near-constant reminder from our mammys, having a baby is never easy. First of all, the vomit-inducing, odd cravings and stomach cramps that coincide with the ‘most beautiful 9 months of your life’ (yeah right!) are surely a bit of a nightmare.

Then what comes after is approximately 18 years of looking after this little god send while trying for the first couple of years not to drop it on its head or becoming extremely sleep-deprived or shamefully feeding him/her chocolate and/or McDonalds just to keep them quiet. Phew! Motherhood does not sound easy.

On top of this, there is surely that constant worry that pretty much everything in your wardrobe may or may not be vomit or pee stained. Or sometimes both.

But for Blake Lively, these worries don’t seem to even exist. Yes, she has a full hair and make-up team at her every beck and call and a renowned team of stylists presumably working around the clock to make her camera ready for those highly-requested post-pregnancy pictures (what a world we live in, eh?).

And maybe these stunningly gorgeous and beautifully polished looks are all down to her stylist, but my god they are doing one hell of a job! Since resuming her position in the media spotlight to promote The Age of Adaline, Blake’s outfits have been perfection. Even if her post-baby body wasn’t up to scratch- clearly it was always going to be though- we would still have to give it to Blake.

Kudos on that style girl. We can’t imagine we’d be that pushed about donning tight-fitting, high-end fashion immediately after giving birth but we are sure as hell glad that Blake is.

Check out a few of our fave looks here and of course, how to steal her elusive style from



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