Have you got your V-Day outfit sorted?

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These meerkats have nothing to do with your outfit, but look how friggin’ cute they are?!

So, everyone knows that Hallmark has made us believe that Valentine’s day is this momentous occasion where love and romance rules all and the only way to your true loves heart is through expensive cards, over-priced chocolates and microscopically teency lingerie. Here in UFashion.ie, we take a very different stance on the whole Valentine’s debacle.

Instead of forking out your hard-earned cash on what can only be described as a piece of string attached to some lace and feathers, why not treat yourself to a new outfit, grab all your girlfriends and paint the town red- literally, it is Valentine’s day after all?

Whether you are a loved-up lady who can’t dream of anything worse than spending time away from bae or whether your the (seemingly consistent) single one in your group, we have a few ideas and more importantly, outfit ideas for the big day.

So while we UFashion.ie ladies don’t think that an overpriced meal in a congested restaurant is our idea of a great Valentines day, if that sounds like it’s up your alley, you better dress the part. Or if you plan on grabbing all your single friends and heading out on Saturday well hey, it is V-day, you might as well dress the part too!

And what does dressing the part entail for us UFashion.ie gals? Red of course! Red is associated with Valentine’s day for a reason- love hearts, Cupid’s bow and arrow and sexy red dresses. How often do you throw on a red Jessica Rabbit-esque dress for your Saturday night out? Very rarely we’d imagine.

V-day is the perfect time to try something new, particularly in your wardrobe. And if your anything like us and don’t fancy spending ludicrous amounts on uncomfortable, itchy underwear, then a scarlet red dress that is most likely out of your comfort zone should be your go-to piece.

Top the look off with some bright red lippie for an all-out holiday-appropriate look. Sure why not? It is one of the most momentous holidays of the year isn’t it?


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