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Get that Friday feeling by snapping up a pair of our brand new jeans on site now

Jeans and us women (as well as many as you we’re sure). They are a fashion love affair that will never end. They are our go-to wardrobe piece for effortless everyday style. They have gotten us through more occasions than we can say and come rain, hail, sleet, sunshine or snow, they are a piece of clothing like no other as they are appropriate for whatever the weather throws at you.

As you can see, we are very fond of jeans here in and cannot imagine getting through life without them. Wake up late for Sunday brunch with the girls? Throw on your trusted pair of jeans and go! Having a bad day in work and you’re stupid boss just won’t get off your back? Fix it by throwing on your favourite jeans that fit your butt just right for after-work drinks. Awkward first date ‘what the heck will I wear?’ situation? Your sexy black skinnies should do the trick!

On May 20th, 1873,  Davis and Levis Strauss made the first pair of jeans and the world hasn’t looked back since.

To put it simply, we’d give up our grannies before we’d give up our jeans!

So you can imagine our excitement when we updated with some brand new Diesel jeans and jeggings. Stone-washed, navy, blue and classic; we have something for everyone on site now! Check out a few of our favouite jeans below and treat yourself on this rainy Friday with a new pair of skinnies that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

In all seriousness, you can never have enough pairs of jeans now can you?


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