One look, three ways: 1970’s jumpsuit

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Work, day or play; a boho-luxe jumpsuit will be your new best friend this summer

“A jumpsuit in work? No way!” you say?

Here in, we’re here to prove the common misconception that jumpsuits and work-wear do not mix wrong. The jumpsuit, although one of the most versatile and stylish items in many girl’s wardrobe, can often be quite a misunderstood garment.

Like many of us ladies do, the jumpsuit tends to get crammed into your exclusively night-wear section of your wardrobe. Hidden among the fail-safe LBDs, sequined leggings and bodacious tops, its hard to remember that the jumpsuit can also be worn to many other occasions (and not just to your favourite club where it will undoubtedly endure a night of spillages and cigarette smoke stench).

Given that the jumpsuit dates back to the 1920’s and was first worn in the workforce, there is no doubt in our minds that the jumpsuit is a totally acceptable and jealousy-inducing, stylish addition to your work-wear wardrobe.

And now that the 1970’s trend is back in full swing for summer and was probably the most inspiring era for fashion jumpsuit wearing, we’ve decided that we need to do a little wardrobe overhaul and add some kick-flares, pastels and mauve to our lives, starting of course with the jumpsuit.

The 70’s trend doesn’t have to be all suede button-downs, Farrah Faucet-inspired bouncy hair and platforms to rival Disco Stu’s. If slavishly following trends isn’t your thing then check out‘s guide  below to wearing the jumpsuit three different ways without looking like an extra in Saturday Night Fever.

Although if John Travolta tried to pick us up with those swanky dance moves, we wouldn’t say no!



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