Pippa’s Picks: Meet The Parents

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Pippa O’Connor on what you should wear to really impress the in-laws…


Hello again! Recently my friend (who’ll remain nameless!) called me in a panicked state: her boyfriend of six months asked her to meet his parents. She’s a very confident and outgoing girl, but even still she was so nervous about meeting them and most of all about what to wear! I haven’t been in that uncomfortable situation in nearly seven years so I’d kind of forgotten the feeling, but it is pretty stressful. You want to look stylish, sophisticated, and a little sweet… all at once! After helping her with her wardrobe dilemma it got me thinking about other outfits for ‘meeting the parents’, so I set off and chose three different looks to help you look like the perfect little daughter-in-law!

Meeting the Parents!

This floral tea dress is so sweet. Okay, it’s a little short on me I hear you say. I’m 5’9” though so if you’re less than that, perfecto! Or if you’re tall too and don’t mind it being short go for it! If you were going to a BBQ or if it was any way warmer this would be ideal. You could wear it with black tights in the winter also. I teamed it with these great black ankle boots. They have a small block heel. They’re a wardrobe staple at this stage. I think they’re really cool with the dress.

pippa o'connor

Dress, €67/NI £45, Topshop | Boots, €29.95/NI £24.99, H&M.

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