UFashion.ie’s guide to wearing boots this spring

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Because if Beyonce says boots are still in, they’re still in!

Still putting off getting the first pedicure of the year? Inherited your dads thumb-like toes? Have some sort of unheard of fungle infection that you’re desperately trying to hide from anyone and everyone? Or maybe you’re just more comfortable  in a pair of boots than you are in sandals and open-toe shoes.

Whatever your reason, if boots are going to be your thing this spring, make sure they’re ever-so-stylish and bang on trend (with the help of UFashion.ie of course!).

The sun may be splitting the stones right now, resulting in some men thinking its acceptable to be walking around the city with no top on. But lets be honest with ourselves ladies, we live in Ireland. Next week, expect rain, hail, gail-force winds, record-breaking heat and enough snow to rival the winter of 2010 (#neevrforget).

We never know what the weather might throw at us here in Ireland but as long as we’re fully prepare with boots that can transition from winter to spring in the change of a coat, we’re sure we’ll be fine.

Take a look below at some of the boots us UFashion ladies will be sporting this spring!


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Ever looked at a models feet? Probably not, you’re too bust gawking at their angelic faces (we’re guilty of the gawking too). But next time you see an off-duty model, check out what boots she’s wearing because a lot of the time, they can be seen in these beauties. Going from casting to casting (or shop to shop in our case) is a tough job, but these comfortable and oh-so-stylish boots make it all worth it.

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