Woman Crush Wednesday: Kate Hudson

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Our sunshine on a rainy day, the blonde bombshell Kate Hudson

If there’s anything that can cheer us UFashion.ie girls up on this miserable summers day (miserable and summer should never have to be in the same sentence) is taking a look at one of our favourite style icons, Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson has, for many years, been one to watch when it comes to style. She may not opt for high-end fashion madness like the gothic Olsen twins or Sarah Jessica Parker and her seemingly never-ending supply of ridiculous hats, but we love her anyway. We may even love her more than most of fashion’s elite.

It seems that Kate Hudson does not have to bow down to fashion madness while still be able to co-exist in the same fashion circles. Hudson has always had a clear vision of being elegant and graceful in her style choices whilst simultaneously not becoming boring- take notes Katie Holmes.

Her Instagram is a treat to follow and gives us a glimpse into her everyday style, which might we add is impeccably flawless.

Whilst us mere humans throw on jeans and a sweater for an off-duty day, Kate Hudson displays similar looks in the most polished way possible. Her ever-shining gold locks and well thought out accessories are what draws us to her style.

We may not be the most objective bunch here in UFashion.ie and don’t actually know if she’s even a very nice person (even though we’re sure she is) but that doesn’t mean she still can’t be our #WomanCrushWednesday right?

Check out UFashion.ie’s guide to stealing some of our favored looks of Hudson’s over the last year!



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