Woman Crush Wednesday: Vanessa Hudgens

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Young, fun, flirty and stylish. Four of many reason why we love Ms Hudgens.

For those of you who were forced into watching High School Musical many years ago and for those who independently chose to watch it (not gonna lie, its a great movie- we are all in this together!), you’ll know Vanessa Hudgens as cute, preppy new student Gabriella Montez. And while her pink hairbands and J-Crew button down cardigans were quite cute, its her off-set style that grabbed our attention.

Since the cheesy, group-singing days of HSM, Vanessa has come very far. From taking risque roles in Spring Breakers and Sucker Punch, we’ve grown to like the edgier, cooler and seemingly more fun Hudgens. Not only that, but her off-screen style has evolved immensely in recent years and, dare we say it, Hudgens may just take the crown for Queen of festivals with her boho-chic look; short-shorts and hats and flower headbands, oh my!

She hasn’t only taken the one-to-watch spot at all the big US festivals, but her red-carpet look ain’t too shabby either. One thing we love about Vanessa’s style is that she’s not afraid to act her age and be herself. Her style is reflective of her fun and young personality. Cute cuts, floral prints and floor-length gowns all encapsulated with an essence of youth-take notes Kylie Jenner!

In recent years, we’ve seen Vanessa experiment greatly with her style and there’s nothing more we love here in UFashion.ie, then seeing someones style evolve alongside their age, personal likes and dislikes and their maturing ability to try out new things.

Check out UFashion.ie’s complete guide to dressing like our favourite High School Musical star. Here’s just a few of her best ouffits over the last year- all fun, pretty, edgy and definitely summer appropriate!



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