The ultimate Christmas cocktails

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Keep the glasses topped up ladies!


Christmas is all about eating, drinking and being merry so it’s crucial that when we’re not eating, we’re keeping the all-important cocktail glasses topped up. With that in mind, and if you’re planning on stocking up your drinks cabinet today, here are the easiest Christmas cocktails with the fanciest names that you can actually make from normal alcoholic beverages. i.e. Our kind of cocktails.


Poinsettia Cocktail

Poinsettia Cocktail


What you’ll need:

¼ cup of vodka

¼ cup of Champagne (or Prosecco, depending on how posh you are)

½ cup of cranberry juice

2 strips of orange zest

Crushed Ice


Directions: Throw it all in the cocktail shaker, give it a good shake and pour into glass. Add the orange zest at the end as a garnish et voila.

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