Adele’s 25 is biggest-selling album of 2015

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And here’s 3 reasons why we couldn’t be happier with this news

Adele. Oh Adele. Has a rose ever smelled as sweet? We think not!

OK, so it may become more and more obvious throughout this piece that here in U Towers, our girl crush on Adele is all-encompassing, particularly since the release of her album 25 back in November.

Not that we didn’t love her before, that is.

It’s easy to see why Adele is loved by women across the globe. Her music speaks to us all, it tells us ‘It’s OK to eat that entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s all to yourself’, it says ‘Yes, your ex WAS a dick. And don’t you doubt that girlfriend’ and it confirms that, ‘Hell yeah girl, you’re going to pick yourself up the floor you’ve been lying on for five days and get your sh*t together’.


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So when we heard the news that Adele’s latest album, 25, has broken records and become the biggest selling album of 2015 (and did we mention she released it in November? What a woman!), we jumped for joy. Not only did it knock Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith off their pedestals, it also beat leading video game Fifa in sales too (2,604,850 copies, compared to 2,516,079 for Fifa 16).

But why exactly are we so happy about this news? We’ll tell you!

  1. First and foremost, Adele is quite literally, a genius. Adele relys solely on her breath-taking voice and heart-felt lyrics to gain praise from the masses, not succumbing to using her body, nude girls dancing in videos or pimping herself out to sell records. She brings us back to a time before nudity was heavily used to gain fame- think Nina Simone and Whitney Houston. One woman, one voice and a helluva lot of fans.
  2. She said no to streaming her music (you know, an album she probably spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on) and forced people to physically go out and buy the album, if they appreciate her so much, which of course we did  – 2,604,850 of us did anyway. We kinda love that she’s saying no to the contemporary way of making sales too – you go girl!
  3. She basically broke the internet. Move over Kim, move over Yoncé. Adele decided to set up an Instagram account on October 2015 (we love that she didn’t have insta before – so cayute) and within minutes, hundreds of thousands of fans were going absolutely mad for her. She announced the album was a make-up album and was written at a time when she felt she became ‘a fully-fledge adult’ – a point we hope to come to someday too! The page currently has 5.6 million followers and only 41 posts so Kim can go deck off with her nudey posts and unlimited selfies.

Adele, we love you!