Savvy Online Shopping

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Our guide to safe online shopping

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Online shopping is amazing, if a bit dangerous for our bank balances! At the simple click of a button a host online shopping sites become available to us and we can order basically anything we want in minutes. It takes the hassle out of trudging through shops looking for that perfect dress for a wedding, or those dream shoes. No more getting elbowed by other fashionistas bidding to get a better bargain than you in the sales. New items for your wardrobe are delivered straight to your door. Just like that.

But like everything there are some major pitfalls to shopping online, and we’re not just talking about the size or fit being wrong. If you venture onto the wrong site and don’t protect yourself you could be risking your personal details and give the wrong person access to your bank account. To prevent this we’ve got some tips for you when shopping online to make sure you end up with a lovely new wardrobe, and nothing else.

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