Spring into spring – but not too soon

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Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now people.


With spring officially here, despite the weather telling a completely different story, there are still some people out there who seem to be confused as to what season they are in. Yes it is getting a little warmer and yes the sun is making the odd appearance, but just because the calendar tells us we’re edging that bit closer to summer, doesn’t mean we should pack up the black and strip off for the months ahead right away. We’ve noticed that some people are getting a little carried away with themselves lately and had a think about what’s acceptable and what’s just silly in March.



Do: Wear pastels

You know its spring time when the clothes in the shops go from autumnal purples and browns to lovely pastel colours, pretty much overnight. Gradually introducing these items into your wardrobe if perfectly fine; just remember not to put your winter coat in the attic just yet.


Don’t: Wear shorts

Need we say any more? No matter how brave you are or how much you insist you “don’t feel the cold”, stark white legs are never a good luck on anyone. Exceptions can be made for people pounding the pavements exercising, but for the average person wearing their cut offs at the first hint of sunshine, it’s a no go we’re afraid.

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