U meets Foxes: A conversation with a cool chick

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And her brand new album is out tomorrow!


She’s one of the coolest girls on the music scene right now and if you haven’t heard of Foxes already, you certainly will after her brand new album (her second, btw) releases tomorrow. But chances are, you already have. Doing the vocals for Zedd’s 2013 single, Clarity, and winning a  Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for it, really put her on the map. And her single Let Go For Tonight was in our heads for months! Ahead of her album release tomorrow (5 Feb), we caught up with the brunette beauty to talk vintage shopping, recording in her bedroom and why she fancies James Cordon…


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Congrats on your new album Foxes, we can’t wait to hear it! How different will it be compared to your first album?

I feel like I’ve grown into myself a lot, and learnt from the first album. I really wanted to refine what I’d done and try and make this record a little bit more stripped back. The spirit from the first album is still there as I definitely wanted it to still feel like a foxes record and wanted to keep continuity, I think this time round is a lot more emotional.


Where did the name for the second album come from? 

I chose to name the album ‘All I need’ because at the time I buried myself into music and found that it helped me to move on and let go of things. I didn’t realise at the time how much writing was a bit like therapy, helping me to come to terms with things and move away and make sense of situations. All I need is a track from the album, that has a lot to do with how I used the studio time and writing time to really escape and clear my head.

What song are you most excited about?

I’m excited about the stripped back moments on the album, tracks like ‘On My Way’ and ‘Scar’ I’m really looking forward to singing live and really going places with my voice people aren’t used to hearing.


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