Slow down and take your time today, Aries!



Try to slow down a little this Friday Aries and be careful that you don’t end up rushing into something a little too quickly. If someone is putting you under pressure to give then an answer, tell them they will just have to wait! Don’t alienate yourself from those who are looking out for you.


Taurus, you will not be one to cause a fuss this Friday and instead will opt to go about whatever tasks you have to complete in a calm and chilled out fashion. This will also help you to get more done as you won’t be distracted by things that aren’t very important.


If you’re someone who’s in the know, meaning you’re the most likely candidate that your friends will turn to if they need a bit of news or gossip! However, don’t allow yourself to be put in a position where you find you’re spilling secrets.


Cancer, even if you’re somewhat of an introvert then this Friday all of this is about to change. You will feel like getting outside and being more active and there’s a big chance you will meet some new and interesting people along the way.


For some reason or another Leo, this Friday you probably won’t be feeling quite like yourself. This may be as a result of something that has been going on recently or it could be just one of those days – everyone has them!


Virgo, don’t be too quick to hold things in and not let people know how you’re really feeling. Despite not wanting to draw attention to yourself, sometimes it’s good to be open with others as they might actually be able to do something that will help.


Your inner strength (that you might not even have been aware of!) and the ability to handle any situation that the day decides to throw at you, will be your saving grace this Friday Libra. Be confident that you can deal with whatever issues make themselves known.


Scorpio, if you feel as though the day is starting to become a little overwhelming and that there is a lot going on all at once, then it’s not a bad idea to take a break for a few minutes. This will help you to calm down a little and you’ll be more productive as a result.


Taking a more direct approach to a situation is how you like to go about things. While this is not necessarily a bad thing Sagittarius, it’s good to keep in mind that your tone and how you word something will make a huge difference to the outcome.


Capricorn, if you feel as though you’re not using your full potential in your current position then perhaps you could look for ways in which you would be able to get a little more out of what you do! Don’t expect opportunities to knock on your door, you’ll have to look for them yourself.


Giving a person, or indeed people, too much information all in one go can be a lot foe them to take in all at once. So, if you’re trying to get your point across, consider using little snippets of information regularly. That way it’s much more likely to sink in!


Pisces, you are likely to be distracted easily this Friday and it will be hard to focus your attention on one thing in particular. Use the morning hours to deal with anything that can be resolved quickly, so that you’re not wasting time for the nigger issues, later on.