Your other half will spoil you today, Gemini.



Try your best to take criticism on the chin and not clash with the person who has been honest with you. The chances are you asked for their opinion in the first place so you can’t really blame them for their response. Don’t take it personally!


Taurus, today you will tempted to dismiss the people whom you feel can’t help you, however this is not advised as you never know when you will need their help again. If you put yourself in their shoes, you might not be so quick to do this again.


Your other half will spoil you today Gemini, so if you’ve been feeling a little insecure about where you stand in the relationship then today will give you the answer you’ve been hoping for. Don’t be so impulsive with your spending; if you don’t need something then is it really a bargain?


Cancer, perhaps you’ve been thinking of changing careers and have been on the lookout for something that excites you. However, it would be advised to not rush into anything too drastic for the moment as a little patience can go a long way.


You’ll find it increasingly difficult to get things in order today Leo as your ability to retain information and get jobs done will be very poor. If you do have urgent, pressing tasks to attend to then you won’t be able to afford any time wasting.


Virgo, even though it seems to be in your nature to please others sometimes you have to accept that some people will simply never be happy. If someone isn’t interested in getting to know you, then don’t take this too personally. A relaxing evening by the fire will do you the world of good.


Dealing with household issues and problems between family members which have been building for some time now will be your number one task today Libra. Once these differences have been ironed out you are likely to feel much more content.


A day to yourself with no interruptions is just what Scorpio will crave today, particularly if you’ve had a really busy few days of late. Use this time to unwind and catch up n all that you’ve been missing out on lately. Why not get in touch with some friends and have a nice lunch?


You’ll be left asking yourself if a certain risk is worth taking this Thursday. It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before you jump head first into something you’re still a little unsure about. Maybe it would be a good idea to talk to someone who has experience in this area first?


Capricorn you may come to discover today that while technology can be great at times, when it doesn’t work you’ll be left with very few options! As a back up remember to have an alternative option to choose from if your first choice doesn’t work out.


Even though you’re your own worst critic at times, don’t allow your lack of esteem to stop you from achieving all that you know you’re more than capeable of doing! How you present yourself to others is how they will see you, so always put your best foot forwards.


Unfortunately it seems that you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time today Pisces and when an argument erupts, you will find yourself in the center of it all. Avoid confrontation as best you can, but don’t be afraid to fight your corner if you’ve being wronged.