Relax and enjoy your day this Friday, Leo.



Aries, today is looks like you may struggle more than usual to get on with and keep your cool around certain people. They may have a trait or quality that you find very irritating and you will not be able to ignore it this Friday. If nothing particularly hectic is happening, enjoy the relaxation!


Try not to be so serious all the time Taurus; granted there is certainly a time to have fun and a time to be professional, but you would feel much more relaxed if you found a happy medium. People will naturally gravitate towards you this Friday as they feel confident in what you say.


Forming a plan and sticking to it is something Gemini will be extremely regimented with throughout the day. This could also include general routine work and household chores. Don’t be too hard on yourself though if things don’t go according to plan all the time – it happens!


You may struggle a bit throughout this Friday Cancer, even with the most simple of tasks. However, if the opportunity to let your hair down and have fun arises, you should grab this with both hands! It would be silly to let this chance go to waste. Focus on your priorities and all should be OK.


It seems as though nothing out of the ordinary is likely to crop up for you this Friday Leo, however this doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a boring day ahead. Keep your eyes open and be alert at all times! You will probably have more energy than expected so why not take part in a fun activity?


Regardless of how hard you try this Friday, it seems as though the more unpleasant side of your personality is likely to be the one that people will see the most of. If you do say the wrong thing or hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally, apologise whenever you get the chance. But remember, you’re human after all.

Libra will be all about order and organisation today. You will carry this with you whatever tasks you are assigned this Friday either at work or in your household. Other people may laugh, but you will most certainly get things done! Follow up on a meeting or appointment.


No one can blame you for feeling strongly about a particular subject or topic, that is something you’re quite entitled to. However, be careful how you react to other people who think and feel differently than you do as they may find this offensive. Endeavour to be polite and professional at all times.


Sagittarius, if you’ve find that your concentration seems to be lacking somewhat this Friday then it’s a good idea to take a short break from the task at hand, to clear your head. You may well find that you’re ability to focus will be much better afterwards! Use your free time wisely.


You will be very goal oriented and determined to achieve all that you have set out to accomplish this Friday Capricorn. No task will seem too difficult for you and in fact, you will even welcome the challenge. If things have been tense between you and someone else lately, then today is a good time to clear the air and start fresh.


Aquarius, your sometimes stubborn nature may land you in some hot water throughout the day, this Friday and unfortunately you will have no one to blame for this, except yourself! When trying to explain your ideas to someone else, don’t force them to go along with these plans too.


A vivid imagination is a fantastic thing if you’re working on something creative or have an interested in artistic hobbies, however in real life this may not always work t your advantage. Therefore it’s always better to keep a firm grasp on reality and what’s really going on.