Frankie Bridge is Thomas Sabo’s New Ambassador

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She’s recently been named the UK & Ireland brand ambassador for Thomas Sabo, so we caught up with The Saturday’s star, Frankie Bridge, to talk all things jewellery and her cosy Christmas plans!



Congratulations on being named the ambassador of Thomas Sabo, it’s such a well-known brand!

Thank you it’s really cool! It’s a brand that I’ve always loved and when they asked me to get involved I was obviously really excited. It’s nice to get the opportunity to work with them and to be the first UK ambassador. We’ve done a photo-shoot together, which good fun. I’ve always known Thomas Sabo for their skull jewellery and things like that, so it’s been nice getting to know the brand properly. They do lots of really nice pieces that you can layer and stack, and it’s affordable too, which is great!

The pieces from the collection look gorgeous; do you have any favourites of your own?

Yeah, the Love Coins bracelets and the Love Bridges bracelets are my favourites because they’re really good for stacking and wearing lots of them at the same time. They’re available in gold, rose gold and silver, and you can engrave them all which is quite a big thing at the minute as everyone likes personalised items. So I wear those all the time.

Do you have certain pieces of jewellery that you’re never without?

Well I wear the Love Coin and Love Bridges bracelets all the time because you can wear as many as you want and they go with everything. They’re one of those easy things that you can keep on all day. It’s the same with a lot of the Thomas Sabo stacking rings; they’re great as well. The Triangle diamonds are lovely because they’re a little bit edgy and something you can wear on a day-to-day basis.

Is there anything that is really sentimental to you?

My nan gave me a ring that I don’t ever take off. It means a lot to me so it’s something that I always keep on and my engagement and wedding rings as well, of course.

The pieces in the collection seem like they would make great Christmas presents; have you started any of your own shopping yet?

No, but I’ve ordered my Christmas dinner from Marks and Spencers! It’s the first time that I’m hosting so I wanted to get it out of the way and be organised.



Have you any plans for Christmas?

I think this year I’m just going to spend it at home with the boys and Wayne. Then the family will be coming in and out throughout certain parts of the day because I like to see everyone. I don’t really think the boys understand the whole Santa thing yet though, but it’s exciting for us.

Jewellery is such a personal thing; do you think there’s something in the collection to suit everyone?

Yeah definitely, I think there’ something for everyone! That’s what the brand is all about and one of the reasons why I love it. It’s great for my fans because it’s affordable pieces that you can wear everyday, or you can dress up and wear some statement pieces. They have real diamonds as well, which makes everyone feel special.

How would you describe your own style?

I’m definitely a jeans and a blazer king of girl .I like to think I’m a little bit girly, with a bit of an edge. I’m not a total girly girl, so I love something like a statement piece of chunky jewellery or a great pair of ankle boots to change up an outfit. So for me, winter dressing is my favourite, in the summer I can get a bit lost, but in the winter I just love it.

Are there any trends that you’re really liking for Autumn/Winter?

Well the whole personalising thing is cool and I think those pyjamas shirts that everyone’s wearing are really fun. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with embroidery at the minute, so anything with a bit of that on it I love.

And looking ahead towards the next few months and next year, have you anything exciting coming up that you can tell us about?

I have certain things coming up, nothing that I can actually say at the minute, but I do have some really fun things that I’m working on.


We can’t wait to find out what those secret projects are, but in the meantime here are some gorgeous Thomas Sabo pieces … we love!



Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver                                          Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver

Love Bridge Classic Bracelet, €79                                 Love Bridge Pendant, €49


thomas-sabo_sterling-silver_love-bridge-18k-rose-gold-plating-pendant-e49 thomas-sabo_sterling-silver-glam-and-soul-ring-e398


Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver                                        Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Glam and

Love Bridge 18k rose gold                                             Soul Ring,  €398

plating Pendant,  €49