Pippa O’Connor

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Model. Author. Designer. Mother. She’s a woman of many talents …


With a hugely successful make-up pallet to her name, a recently published book and a jeans collection about to launch, Pippa O’Connor is one woman who is quite literally doing it all. We caught up with her to chat about everything she is up to at the moment and why Sona is fast becoming her go-to healthcare brand!

No Repro Fee. Pippa O’Connor, pictured at the launch of the Sona ‘Future Proof Your Health’ campaign which is calling on the nation to take care of their future wellbeing. Pippa joins Sona, Ireland’s leading producer of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to encourage people across the country to care for their future self, health and happiness now. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

So you’re working with Sona on the Future Proof Your Health Campaign, can you tell us a bit more about that?

I’m delighted to be involved with Sona as they’re an Irish brand and it’s great to be able to support something that’s Irish. The campaign is all about future-proofing your health. I think these days there’s such an emphasis on quick fixes and taking things that will instantly make you feel better or more energised, but with this it’s about slowly looking after yourself now and thinking about the future. I much prefer doing something gradually, rather than all at once.

Are the supplements suitable for everyone?

Absolutely, my husband and I take the MultiPlus; it’s just one tablet in the morning and you’re done, which is so handy because I hate having to take like five different things. Ollie and Louis, take vitamins from the range as well; Ollie is on the MultiPlus Junior and he thinks they’re sweets so he’s delighted and I know he is getting a good intake of vitamins everyday day.

What are the benefits of taking the Sona supplements?

Having more energy is definitely one and nowadays babies have to take Vitamin D from birth so Louis is taking that. Again it’s about getting into the habit and a routine of taking them so we don’t forget.

Speaking of routine, you seem to have loads going on at the moment and your book, Simple Tips to Live Beautifully, was released earlier this month, so huge congrats on that!

Thanks a million and it was so fab that it went in at number one. I couldn’t believe it when Penguin rang to tell me that it was number one overall. It was unreal. I’m thrilled because I’ve worked on it for so long, about a year and a half in total, and it’s taken forever to come out.

Did you have a clear vision about what you wanted it to be like all along?

Completely, I knew I wanted a little bit of everything in terms of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It looks beautiful and I wanted it to be something that you can have on your table and it will look really well. There’s something for everyone, from teenagers to women in their seventies.

Would you think about writing another book somewhere down the line?

I haven’t made any plans yet and I’d never say never to doing one again, but I wouldn’t be in any rush because it was hard.

And your line of jeans, POCO The Denim Collection, is launching really soon as well…

Yeah on the 14th of November, which is so exciting. Like the book, it’s great to finally be able to talk about it and the reaction has been amazing so hopefully the sales will go just as well.

Why jeans?

Well I knew I wanted to do something with fashion and then I had a think about what I know and what I wear, so I just thought denim!

They never go out of style, if anything they’re more in fashion now than ever before. Women of all ages wear them and they’re tran-seasonal, so it just seemed like a good thing to focus on.

How much of the design process were you involved in?

All of it; this is my thing so I’ve been involved in every stitch and zip, so I’m looking at everyone’s jeans now. That’s where I get my inspiration from, just seeing what other people are wearing and owning dozens of pairs myself; knowing what I loved and what could have been improved.

Is it just jeans for now or would you like to branch out into other areas in the future?

Maybe, but I’ve no definite plans for that yet because I’d like to do this really well and be known for that being my thing before I move onto something else. I’m really conscious to not do everything all at once.

Will there be more Pippa’s Fashion Factories anytime soon?

We’ve loads of them coming up in January and February next year and tickets for those will go on sale in November, so hopefully people will think they are a good Christmas present or a treat for the new year.

Have you any plans to do more make up, as your Pippa Pallet with Blank Canvas was so popular…

I think we’re bringing a couple of the most popular shades out individually, like Lulu was really popular so that’s going to come out in a compact, but I’m not focusing on any other beauty products at the moment.


Sona is Ireland’s leading producer of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. With over 30 years’ experience and more than 150 line items produced across the range, Sona is the oldest and largest Irish producer of such products, which are made in Dublin and exported to over 20 countries.