Read yours for Monday 19th February

What does the day have in store for you Aries? 


Aries, unlike usual the urge to spend ALL of your money won’t be there today. You’ll notice that this isn’t really like you but don’t question it, just go with it because it’ll do wonders for your savings.


If you’re sick of always being the friend who doesn’t have a plus one, today is your chance to change that Taurus. Be bold and confident when going after the person you fancy and for goodness sake, flirt a little!


Gemini thinking logically won’t be your strong suit today so be prepared to lose your temper at some point or another. Making big decisions – especially anything that involves money – should be left well enough alone.


Change is on the way for you this Monday Cancer, starting with your home. Why not give it a bit of a revamp? You don’t have to spend the earth and who says you can’t roll up your sleeves and paint it yourself?


Your body is a temple Leo, but on the other hand comfort food is all that you’ll want to have today. Mondays are tough so go on, treat yo’self, tomorrow’s another day. The greens can wait.


You’ll be everyone’s agony aunt today Virgo. Whether they want advice on a new pair of shoes or something more serious, be prepared for a lot of questions. If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry.


Libra, you could say something today – a throwaway comment – that was meant to be a joke, but other people listening might be offended. In future, use your indoor voice if you don’t know how the rest of the group feels.


A work colleague is likely to get on your last nerve today Scorpio. Aside from everything else that irks you about them, they could end up taking credit for your work. Don’t let this happen, stand your ground.


Sagittarius you’ll get caught in an awkward conversation this Monday, one you’ve been trying your best to avoid for weeks. Just get it over with today so that you can move on and forget about it.


Today will be pretty much like any other Monday for you Capricorn, but in the evening time you’ll get a very special present. This could be from someone you’ve been thinking about *cough, Insta stalking, cough* lately. Oh, the suspense!


There’ll be a lot of responsibility placed on your shoulders today Aquarius, so don’t run away from it. Now is your time to shine, so don’t let someone less deserving, steal your thunder.


Work will change for you in some way today Pisces. You might move to a new office space or maybe someone exciting will join your team. Whatever this change is, it’ll be a good one, so embrace it.