Tuesday 13th February

Get ready for your dreams to come true Taurus


Aries, good karma will have your back this Tuesday. All of those little things you’ve been doing for everyone else will be worth it when you see what kind of treats that will be in store for you today.


Finally, your dreams will start becoming a reality today Taurus and the timing couldn’t be better either. Maybe your other half will have booked a surprise holiday for the two of you, or even just have dinner ready when you get home. Whatever it is, you’ll be chuffed to bits.


Gemini could be in a bit of a funk this Tuesday and you might not even know why. You’ve had a tough time lately, so you’re allowed to feel a bit sorry for yourself now and again. Be your best self tomorrow though.


Remember where you are today Cancer, if you’re at home then go right ahead and say whatever you feel like, but if you’re in work try to keep a lid on some of your more ‘out there’ opinions – they might not go down so well with your boss.


Leo, this Tuesday will prove to you that hard work most certainly pays off. If you’ve been busting your ass off at work you’ll get the promotion you’re entitled to, or if you’ve been busting your booty off in the gym, you’ll feel better than ever. Either way, you win!


You probably think your ideas are the best – which would make sense as they’re YOUR ideas after all. Today though, Virgo will have to learn that sometimes compromises have to be made for the sake of keeping things friendly.


Get ready for a hectic day Libra, where you’ll be expected to be on your game at all times. Work will take up the morning and drama at home will see you through until nighttime. Try to switch off and relax at some point, even for a few minutes at a time.


Scorpio, this Tuesday you’ll be all about making new plans. This could be mean some big changes to your home – a new walk-in-wardrobe perhaps? – or maybe you just want to update your plans for the future, now that someone in particular has caught your eye.


You’ll try something new today Sagittarius. Maybe a class with a friend or a project you’ve been thinking about starting for months now. Feeling your nerves fade away will give you so much confidence.


Don’t burn yourself out Capricorn. You might think you’re the Bionic woman, but your health could have other plans and you’ll end up getting sick at the WORST possible time. Be smart and look after number one. (That’s you btw).


Constructive criticism is not constructive when you know it’s coming from a place of bias. Rise above it and try to keep your cool when some serious shade is thrown at you this Tuesday Aquarius.


Just when you thought everyone you know was a selfish so and so, a kind stranger will change your mind. It might not be a big deal, but the person who hands you a euro to pay for a bus ticket home, they will be your hero.