Today is a good day for you, Aries.

The day is conducive to studying, mediating, meeting new people, interacting, sharing, and making mutually beneficial agreements. A short trip or a walk promises to be enjoyable and safe. You will be able to showcase your artistic, creative talents in all their glory.

The Bulls’ feelings may become more romantic and elevated. You may become more superficial and light-minded in your preferences; you may also grow less consistent in your personal interests. This is a suitable time for buying presents, jewellery, and pieces of art. Even when choosing a tool, you will pay attention to its external appeal.

Your personal charm is increasing as you may receive compliments more frequently on August 15, 2016. There will be nothing wrong with you consciously emphasising your natural good looks. Today you should better live an active life, socialise more, and make new connections more actively.

Secret affairs may seem to be going all right. Nonetheless, you should not be deceived as the probability of having some pleasures and indulgences cause trouble is rather high. Tragedies are not to be expected, but minor unpleasant consequences are quite possible.

This is a very favourable time for meetings, correspondence, and cooperation. You will not be deprived of support during this period. While on the road or in the process of performing some task, it will be easy for you to find an enjoyable companion or two. This is a favourable moment for developing and advertising your private business.

Try to maintain easy, positive relations with your management, relatives, and allies. Don’t dwell on unpleasant details of communication, work, and shared household; neither should you focus on difference of beliefs, aesthetic preferences, or professional principles.

This is a wonderful day for cooperation with other people. In most cases, communication will be taking place in a comfortable environment and convenient regime. You will easily charm your interlocutor with your courteousness and wealth of your general knowledge.

The day is favourable for creating a general material or informational base in certain partnerships and clarifying certain issues associated with debts and credits. Limit yourself to solving minor problems. An attempt to settle a global issue as for example, to borrow a large sum of money or secure a large deal as may fail.