skincare, cleaning make-up, washing face

skincare, cleaning make-up, washing face

Some TLC tips for your lovely face.


No matter how hard we try and be good to our skin, there are definitely some days (more often than we like to admit) when we’re more than a little neglectful. And we’re always meaning to dedicate some real time to treating our skin. And now Simple skincare have given us the perfect excuse to – with their ‘Kind is Simple’ Week of skin loving. This is basically where you dedicate a whole 7 days to giving your skin some overdue attention with lots of water and sleep amongst other things, giving you a head start in getting your skin prepped for the spring and summer hardly-any-make-up seasons.

According to dermatologist for Simple, Philippa Lowe, a good skincare routine is essential for keeping skin looking and feeling its best. “It’s especially important to properly care for your skin in the evening, as during the night your skin cells repair and rebuild themselves,” she says. “Make sure you use a gentle cleanser to remove all make-up, followed by a daily moisturiser that includes a broad spectrum of UVA protection. Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water is an effective and gentle cleanser that is perfect for all skin types, removes make-up quickly and contains skin-loving ingredients such as glycerine which hydrates your skin.”


So with all that in mind, here are Simple’s Six Top Tips for taking part in Kind To Skin Week…



When you sleep, the cells in your body rejuvenate, including your skin cells. Experts recommend 7-8 hours or sleep each day to leave your mind and body feeling energised.

Healthy Foods

Achieve glowing skin from the inside out by incorporating skin-loving healthy food in your diet, such as kale, almonds, blueberries and apples. Not only will you feel better eating healthier, your skin will look better too.

Water, Water, Water

Water helps purify any impurities of the skin to leave it visibly glowing. Two litres of water a day is recommended to cleanse the body of toxins and waste and hydrate the skin.


Exercise boosts circulation in the body which results in more oxygen being pumped to the skin cells to help keep your skin happy, glowing and healthy.


Stress can encourage breakouts on the surface of the skin. To encourage healthy skin, and a healthy state of mind, practice simple stress management techniques that will help you deal with stress better. Meditate for 20 minutes a day and your mind and skin will quickly reap the benefits.

Remove your make-up

And finally, cleansing your skin in the morning and evening to get rid off make-up and impurities and allow your skin to breath.


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Simple’s special skincare week was launched to celebrate the brand’s  superheroes – Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and Micellar Cleansing Wipes.