As always, there were some serious fashion moments and some serious fashion faux pas too.

The Met Gala, where do we even begin? With one of the most prestigious, renowned and fashion-focused events taking place last night, we're sure most of you woke up with an Instagram/Twitter/Facebook feed full of dresses. Us girls were glad for it! The Met Gala is like Christmas without the disappointment. It comes around once a year, is highly anticipated by everyone (everyone obsessed with celebs/fashion that is) and often arrives with a few unexpected and unwanted surprises (we're looking at you RiRi!). It is the creme de la creme of fashion events and if you haven't got an outfit exclusively designed for you bu the hottest designer at the time and are crediting them in your Insta' posts, you sure as hell aren't going to make any fashion history moments at this events. It is style competition like no other. Remember the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio fight from Saturday night? Yeah, neither do we- who on earth would stay up that late to watch boxing? BUT, we can imagine that for pre-gala prepping, Beyonce and Kim K felt a bit like Mayweather and Pacquaio. Because only one can win and there was definitely some clear winners and losers on the red carpet last night! We must admit, we were quite nervous about the "China: Through the Looking Glass" theme, hoping upon hope that it didn't turn into a bit of a 90's-crazed affair. Luckily, we were wrong and the only 90's-esque resemblance came in the shape of Karolina Kurkova's kimono dress. After thorough research and deliberation, compiled a list of the best and worst looks from last night's major fashion event and one very special style winner.

The Good

Gigi Hadid is a vision in red. We are in love with this plunging scarlet dress and her simple, wavy hair is perfection with it.



Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen never seem to get it wrong and their seemingly effortless gothic looks are, as predicted, perfect on them both.

One of our favourites of the night. This dress has a bit of a swan lake feel to it and we're loving her contrasting dark make-up to compliment the look.


As much as we hate to admit it, Kim Kardashian actually looks pretty amazing here. Forgetting the fact that she quite clearly stole both Beyonce and Cher's look here, the combination of sheer, fur and glitz should be tacky, but just works?


Shying away from the sheer/nude/glitter/diamond trend that encapsulated the Met Ball this year, Jennifer Connolly looks stunningly elegant and flawlessly polished.


Vanessa Hudgens never poses a threat to the highest ranking in the style game like Beyonce, Alexa Chung and Jennifer Lopez. Until now that is. A sweet and cute look made edgy and fashion-forward with the addition of black rhinestones and impeccable accessories.

Oh wow oh wow oh wow. We are loving this green, laced gown as seen on Kendall Jenner last night. A surprisingly age-appropriate look from Jenner is always a nice sight.


Channeling "China: Through the Looking Glass" like no other, Emily blunt is rocking this Kimono-inspired gown with matching cape. On paper, this sounds awful. In person, it is stunning.


The Bad

And in the left corner, weighing in at 60Kg is... Oh wait, no it's Anne Hathaway at the Met Gala. Our bad!



There's just something so terribly 90's about this look. And no in an inspired, throwback, reminiscing on style trends passed kinda way. Just in a NO kinda way.


Looking like a scary mix of Pizza, an omelette and a Big Bird factory blow-up, we're not really sure what Rihanna is trying to do here. We get you like to make major fashion moments RiRi but really?

We hate to say this because we love Sarah Jessica Parker so much but we just don't understand her right now. This is... indescribable.



And the winner.... Obviously.


Of course it is Beyonce. It's always Beyonce. Because she is Queen and Queen Bey just don't lose.

Yes she is pretty much naked apart from a few tactically placed diamonds and her ponytail defies gravity in height. But she is Beyonce. Need we say any more?