Think of other people today, Leo.


Aries this Thursday you may not be thinking carefully enough, or at all for that matter! Therefore the chances of you making silly mistakes seem very likely indeed. Try your best to judge the situations you find yourself in, before you react to them.


You will have lots of reasons to be proud of your relatives today Taurus, and possible even one member of your family more so than others. It’s possible this person has really surprised you in the best possible way and you’re slowly beginning to see them in a completely new light.


The competition between you and an unlikely source will be very intense today Gemini, so you may have to try a little harder if you still want to hold your title as the best! Don’t be afraid to help someone out and teach them something that will become useful to them in future.


Cancer, this Thursday going about things in a simple and effective way unfortunately won’t be your way of doing things and the most complicated route, seems to be the one you will take! However, you will be in a good mood while you go about your tasks.


You will have to learn to give and take today Leo and this is especially important where emotions are concerned. If you’re always the one looking for support and reassurance, it may become tiresome to your partner. Be there for them when they need you too!


Virgo, you are likely to be confident when chatting to people you have feelings for today, something that will surprise both you and them. If someone has not been completely truthful, their lies are likely to backfire on them eventually.


Don’t overdo it today Libra as you may end up doing more harm than good. While you may be eager to make as much progress as possible in a certain area of your life, remember that you can’t do everything all at once. Slow down and pace yourself.


While today may not be the most eventful or exciting day for you Scorpio, it doesn’t mean that this Thursday will be boring either. The day will be what you make of it, so enjoy yourself if you can! A sense of accomplishment is likely if you complete your to-do list.


Sagittarius, even though you’re a hard worker and are always looking for the next task and job, it seems as though today is not the ideal time to go about searching for your next venture. Hold off for a little while until you’ve had time to think about what it is that you want to do next.


Don’t be tempted to make a decision in a hurry until you’ve had time to properly think things through. This could lead to regrets later on and these are best avoided if at all possible! In order to remain calm and focused, plan your day well in advance.


An impulse buy won’t be what you thought it would be Aquarius and you may well end up looking for your money back. If this doesn’t work, then you’ll remember this next time! You’re good at giving other people advice, but do you follow it yourself?


Pisces, it seems as though love will be in the air for you this Thursday when a surprise someone will make an appearance. This will help you to realise how you actually feel about them! If they ask you on a date, why say no?!