Sunday 11th February

Get your game face on today Taurus


If your relationship has been a little stale lately, this Monday you’ll have loads of ideas about how to spice things up. Be careful which friends you talk to about this though, some of them might take what you tell them and twist your words.


Get your game face on today Taurus because you’ll be going after your goals like never before. This could go to your head a bit because it’s also looking like you’ll make a very expensive (and impulsive) purchase. Stop and think before you part with so much cash in future.


Gemini today you’ll finally get the chance to meet someone you’ve fangirled over for as long as you can remember. Whether this is a person you fancy the pants off of, or someone who has had an amazing career, try and keep your cool.


There’ll be no time-wasting for you this Sunday Cancer as you will get up early in order to get everything ticked off your to-do list. Don’t be too hard on the people you live with though, they’re allowed a lie-in on a Sunday.


Let your emotions out today Leo, don’t try to be brave and hold everything in. It’s not healthy, and you could end up taking it all out on someone who’s only trying to help. Work on yourself before you start thinking about how to fix everyone else.


Virgo will have a fab time reminiscing with her favourite gals, or guys, this Sunday, some of your best memories will be brought up and some you would rather forget as well. This could be just the thing you needed to start getting out and having a bit more fun.


The solution to a problem you’ve been trying to solve for ages, will fall on your lap today Libra and at the perfect time too. You could be surprised that the answer has been staring you in the face all along.


Scorpio, you’ll be surrounded by ALL of the drama this Sunday and while you won’t be directly involved with any of it, everyone will try to get you on their side. The best thing to do is to wash your hands of it completely.


Your in-laws will make today stand out to you Sagittarius, but it might not be for a good reason. Stop trying to please them in the hope that they will like you if it isn’t working. It’s their issue, not yours.


Don’t be a lick-a**e Capricorn, for starters it’s painfully obvious what you’re doing and secondly, do you even like the person you’re trying to desperately to appease? The same goes for your relationship, be honest if you’re not happy.


Rest up today Aquarius because the week ahead looks like it will be a mental one, and it’ll be a whole lot worse if you’re sleep deprived on top of everything else you’ll have to deal with. A little DIY around the house in the afternoon might interest you though.


Social media will be your source of all things entertainment today Pisces. Even if you’re not normally someone who’s constantly glued to their phone, today will be a different story. Trending topics will be of interest to you.