Summer lovin’

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Sun, sea, sand and sex… We reveal exactly you lot get up to while on holidays!

With holiday season just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to some relaxation and R’n’R.
And for the single ladies it’s all about hooking up for a holiday romance, or is it?!
U magazine carried out a survey (the majority of those who answered are between aged 25 and 30) to see what antics holidaymakers get up to between the sheets while they’re away – and the results were quite surprising.
The majority of those surveyed (66.67%) said while on holiday they want a rest from work, fun with the girls (28.57%) and no strings attached sex (4.76%). No one wanted to find a man. Well, they did, but only for some fun and not anything serious.
The majority of those surveyed (71.43%) said they were NOT more likely to have a one night stand while on holidays while just under half (40%) admitted to having had one.
But saying that, 55.56% had a holiday fling, and it lasted on and off for the whole week for 72.73% of people. The majority (78.57%) used protection and, thankfully, no-one contracted an STI from their holiday fling.
Despite being away and probably not seeing the person again, more than half (65%) said they weren’t more adventurous in the bedroom than they’d normally be just because they were on holidays, and almost four in five (78.95%) said their standards didn’t drop because they were away from home.
And you’re a very honest bunch because over half (55%) didn’t tell any white lies about anything (their name, job, age etc) but 40% admitted to telling a few porkies.
And while they were getting down to it, four out of five people certainly weren’t thinking about their white bits (they were having too much fun!) and over half (52.38%) admitted to being hornier while basking in the sun.
Surprisingly, 53.85% stayed in touch with their fling when they both returned home but the majority (92.86%) didn’t develop into a relationship.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

For holiday ideas for this year, check out pages 74-78 of the new issue which hit shelves today.