You’ll be a social butterfly today, Aries.



Aries, this looks like the perfect time for you to expand your social circle. You might meet new people in a casual setting or somewhere more formal, but whatever the case you won’t be short of company. If you’ve been thinking of going back to education for some time now then don’t put it off any longer!


You could get the opportunity to make some new contacts within your professional life this Tuesday that could be a great benefit going forwards! Try your best to make use of these while you can. Research and discoveries are very likely throughout the day.


Gemini, your natural talents that allow you to communicate affectively and in a suitable tone will become very useful to others and yourself throughout the day. Use your talents and maximize your potential today. Don’t let it go to waste. The likelihood of you being there for others when the need support is high.


Try to maintain a logical and rational approach to ass tasks this Tuesday Cancer; even though you may have somewhat of a tendency to get a bit anxious at times, don’t stress yourself unnecessarily! Putting others before yourself will something you will have to focus on more often.


Leo, today will be full of surprises, twists and turns for you, but luckily you will face them all with an upbeat approach. However, it’s likely that you might be told about more than you bargained for, but you will handle this excess of news with ease – and possibly even keep a few secrets where needed.


Virgo, this Tuesday seems like the right time to treat yourself to a few things you have been putting on your wish list for the longest time! These might only be small items but you will appreciate them greatly all the same. Don’t be too surprised if someone else also wants to treat you.


Keeping others in check and trying your best to keep the peace will be one of Libra’s biggest challenges throughout the day. Luckily you’re naturally good at diffusing heated debates and confrontational conversations, meaning you will have to rely on this talent today.


Scorpio, sorting out personal issues and taking care of your responsibilities is what you’ll be all about this Tuesday. Perhaps you will finally get the chance to have a chat with someone whom you’ve been missing a lot recently. It’s possible that someone will tell you something that you will have to keep to yourself – however difficult that might be!


The choices you are faced with and the decisions you make as a result today Sagittarius are likely to affect you for a longtime. Therefore it is necessary that you think carefully about what you what to do but also about what you should do! Things between you and your other half seem very secure at the moment.


Capricorn is likely to experience friendly chats and polite responses from the people they encounter throughout the day. This will keep your spirits up and help you to get on with your errands. Speaking of errands, there may be a lot of those to complete this Tuesday so the sooner you make a start on them, the better.


Your popularity factor is likely to soar today and as a result this will enable you to speak to the right people and perhaps make some progress that has been a long time coming. If you have some knowledge that you feel would be useful to someone else, you will be anxious to share this with them.


Pisces, endeavor to maintain a calm approach throughout the day and try not to get too annoyed if things don’t go your way. This is your best option if you want to get through your day conflict free! Enjoy some quality time with family members if you can as this is likely to bring out the best in you.