Ikea living room

Ikea living room

Maximum impact for minimum spends

Ah Ikea, where dreams are made and couples kill each other. They say if you can make it through an Ikea trip with your other half you can make it through anything. We're not sure if that's true but we can definitely confirm we've had some whopper rows in the super confusing aisles. But we still love it! 

Bank holiday weekends are the perfect time to give your house a little TLC. With some clever shopping you can transform a room for a tiny investment. This weekend we're focussing on giving our living room a new lease of life for €100. Luckily for us, that means a whole host of new stuff from Ikea!

Drinks up!

First up we're going for the Sunnersta trolley. Now it doesn't look like much at first, but a quick spray of gold paint will turn this bad boy into the bar cart of your dreams. And all for €30!

Lights out

Next on the list is the new Fado lamp. Can you actually believe this lamp is only €12? And it's HUGE! Way bigger than it looks here. 

Picture This 

We're kind of obsessed with the Myrheden frame. We're gonna stick all our Polaroids on it and weave some flowers through it. So gorge. And for only €15!

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Plant Life

We're deffo stealing this Instagrammers style and turning the new Burvik side table into a cool plant stand. That's €29 well spent. 

Basket case

We think of so many uses for the Fladis basket, but we'll most likely use it as a dumping ground for all the random crap lying around we don't have a place for. That's worth €12 alone. 

Makes scents

We tear through scented candles and always stock up when we're in Ikea. At €3 this little one brings us up to an even €100. Not a bad investment considering how much of a difference these few bits will make. 

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