Dress Clever

The weather is miserable, so far we’ve had -16 temps, snow, biblical rain and biting winds that feel like an ice-cream headache for your whole face. So, only the super rich, the super famous and those using a car service are in heels and bare legs The rest of us are dressed in weather appropriate clothes and shoes because running through snow in heels with no socks to get a cab is not fun. We know, we were that soldier on day one.

Be Shameless

We tred to be cool, but the reality is seeing Solange Knowles, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Beth Ditto, Tyga and Kylie Jenner all FROW at Alexander Wang made us lose our shit. So, like the rest of the crowd we joined the scrum to get pics. The super cool New Yorkers are used to seeing celebs of this level on a daily basis so they sat still and ignored them, we are not. Seeing the cast of Fair City isn’t quite the same.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on the FROW then you need to learn how to sit like a lady without crossing your legs. Crossed legs are distracting for the models as well as a hazard so it’s banned, given that we sit like men on the LUAS it’s a good job it only happened to us at one show!

Be Patient

Shows rarely start on time, in fact we didn’t go to any that did. Which means you’re either sitting on a bench or queing outside to get in. A lot of time is put into getting to, getting in to and getting home from a show that often only last 15 minutes. So why bother? Because the shows are incredible spectacles and absolutely worth the wait.

Eat Like A Model

Of course they eat, they often walk in several shows a day which means 16 hour shifts. Catering is always provided backstage and can vary from hummus and salads at Rag & Bone to tacos and Champagne Gummy Bears at Opening Ceremony. Follow suite and eat!

Be A Hustler

Backstage is crowded, there are models, there are designers, there are makeup crews, hair crews and nail crews. There is catering, PRs, press, general hangers-on and brand managers which means if you want an interview with the chief makeup artist you have to ask. If you want a picture of the nail look, then you need stop a model and get her to pose for you. If you want images at all, you need to push forward and just take them. This is not the time to shy. Be ballsy. Be a hustler. But be polite. It’s how we got interviews backstage at all the shows, and got to ask questions of people likeYadim, Global Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York who was working on Baha East and Opening Ceremony; Rita Remark, Lead Nail Artist for Essie who was working on Rebecca Minkoff and Jonathan Simkhai; Julie Kandalec, Essie Manicurist who did the look for Rag & Bone and Erin Parsons, Maybelline New York Makeup Artist who did frosted lashes for Jonathan Simkhai. The best way to understand a look is to ask.

Expect the Unexpected

There’s always the possibility of your seat being ugraded, an interview popping up at the last minute or a super celeb pushing past you to get to their seat. NYFW is an alternate, ridiculous and completely fabulous universe all on its own. Don’t fight it. Go with it! Drink Champagne before lunch, swop make-up tips with Jourdan Dunne and watch Gigi and her posse party at the Maybelline New York after show bash. We did!


You need plasters, water, sweets, tissues, hydration salts, safety pins and hair clips. CVS is your only man and, if like us, you’re surviving on five hours sleep a night because of bloody jet lag then you might need to hit the pharmacy aisle for a helping hand.

Have A Plan

NYFW is like a military operation, a few short days jam packed with events spread all over the city. If you walk past an Anthropologie and see the diary of dreams then buy it. Chances are you won’t be back there again and it will haunt you. We may be speaking from experience on this one! If you want to visit stores we don’t have at home then plan it out, don’t just take it to chance a J Crew will pop up between stores. Know what you want to do and fit it around your schedule. Take nothing to chance.

Know Your Shit

NYFW is massive for us, but for New Yorkers it’s just one event happening somewhere downtown. Taxi drivers won’t automatically know where you want to go, so know your shit. Have addresses written down, know where you need to be and when and hustle when it comes to getting a cab. Everyone in this city is in a hurry, nobody cares you’re late for the Altuzarra show. There is just one exception, if the cab and the driver smells like death then get out and hail another one. ASAP. Dry wretching all over your fashion week fur is not a good look. Just saying.

Put Down Your Phone

Fashion week will assault all your senses in a few short days and leave you overwhelmed as you try to remember what you liked from what show and what trends you can see working for next season. But you know what? Someone else is taking the pictures, and taking them better then you are. It is a wonderful experience so put down the phone and enjoy it.