WUU2? NM, Just listening to a true crime podcast.

WUU2? NM, Just listening to a true crime podcast.

Podcasts are all anyone is listening to these days - especially millennials. 

Once upon a time, the commute to work was spent scrolling aimlessly on our phones but these days it's all about listening to podcasts. Whether you've ran out of podcasts to listen to and are looking for some inspiration or you're new to the podcast game. Get your earphones ready because here are twenty podcasts you have got to download, right now.

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

So if you’re anything like us and you just can’t get enough of Queer Eye (we need more episodes and we need them now) then this podcast is for you. Jonathan Van Ness is our fav of the fab five so finding out he had his own podcast brought us all kinds of joy. Each week sees JVN explore different topics with experts in the field. Want to learn what exactly Brexit is? Or how exactly Kim Kardashian broke the internet? Then you need to listen to this podcast. PLUS: The rest of the fab five all have their own episodes. Listen here.

Desert Island Discs

You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose as their desert island disc. Think of anyone you’d love to know what their desert island discs are and we can pretty much guarantee they’ve appeared on this show. Nile Rodgers? Yep. Stephen Hawking? Yep. David Attenborough? Yep. Kirsty Young hosts this classic radio show and she gets guests to pretend they’re on a desert island. They pick what their song would be, what book they’d take and what luxury items they’d pack. Throughout the show, the guests explain their choices which often leads to revealing tales from the guest’s past. Listen here.

The Blindboy Podcast

Podcasts can be pretty boring and tiresome when it’s just one person talking but Blindboy proves this doesn’t have to be the case. He loves to learn and the enjoyment he gets from sharing his new found knowledge is nothing but infectious. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, the podcast has just under one million listeners and has a 5-Star rating on iTunes. Listen here.

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton provides us with #fashionGOALS on the daily and she's now gracing us with a podcast. She's got one question, what does happiness mean? Each week, Fearne chats to one of her famous pals about love, life, loss and everything in-between - all while on the quest to find out what happiness means to them. Listen here.

The Cutting Room Floor

Recho Omondi is taking the fashion world by storm as she constantly pushes boundaries. Proving it's not just fabrics she's confident with, Omondi has launched her own podcast. If you love getting nerdy over the fashion world but find all the technical lingo off-putting, then here's your dream podcast. Listen here.


We love a good true crime podcast but every now and then we like to culture ourselves a little more and explore more niche areas of the crime world. This is where the fascination with cults begins. If you're anything like us and are just truly fascinated as to how cults are a thing then this is the podcast for you. Every Tuesday, the co-hosts; Grey Polcyn & Vanessa Richardson delve into cult followings you definitely never knew existed. WARNING: you will definitely waste hours googling cults once you've listened. Listen here. 

The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal

They often say three's a crowd but this podcast thinks differently. They've the randomest of friendships but it's somehow turned into the greatest bromance in podcast history. You don't have to be any sort of rap expert to enjoy these episodes and if you really want to dive down a rabbit hole, get onto youtube and watch these boys do their live show. One scene in particular: Truth Or Truth. Listen here.

The Teacher's Pet

If you haven't listened already, then what have you been doing? This podcast is every true crime lover's paradise. Journalist, Hedley Thomas investigates one of the most compelling crime tales there is. Lyn Dawson disappeared in 1982, years later her body is still missing and the investigation is still ongoing. The prime suspect is her schoolteacher husband, Chris Dawson. He’s been questioned multiple times but has never been charged. Interested, right?Listen here.

The Alison Spittle Show

She’s our favourite Irish funny woman so there really wasn’t any convincing us to listen to her podcast. Every month, Alison chats to a guest in front of a live audience. It’s like every great TV chat show but for your ears. You're going to feel super Irish, you're going to be intrigued and above all - you're going to be laughing. Listen here.


What’s more on trend for millennials than pop culture? This podcast sees Hayley Campbell and friends dissect the biggest pop culture moments of this decade. We’re talking One Direction, Come Dine With Me and The Spice Girls. Anyone that wants to talk about Come Dine With Me in-depth is someone we want in our lives. Listen here.

When Meghan Met Harry

Still on that royal wedding buzz? Same. When Meghan met Harry is exactly what it sounds like, each week  James Barr and Kristen Meinzer sit down to discuss every last detail about the royal couple’s love story. They speak to royal experts, guests that attended the royal wedding and even close friends to indulge on the obsession that is Meghan and Harry. Listen here. 

West Cork

So most of us only think stories like Making A Murderer or The Staircase only happen in America but no, there’s plenty of haunting true crimes stories here in Ireland. This podcast sees Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde dive into a case that left our courts completely baffled for just over two decades. In 1996, a 39-year-old French film producer; Sophie Toscan du Plantier was murdered...but by who? It’s a question that still goes unanswered today. Listen to this gripping tale here.

Gilmore Guys

Are you even a millennial if you don’t live your day quoting Gilmore Girls? Gilmore Guys see best friends: Demi and Kevin deep dive into the Gilmore Girls. Each week they dissect each episode and discuss how they felt about it. Was Lorelai being a bit harsh on Emily? Is Christopher really the worst? The pair has great energy and their opinion on Rory is spot on. And if that’s not enough to get you listening, Luke, Paris and Lane have all been guest stars on the podcast. Listen here.

The Cut On Tuesdays

The Cut on Tuesdays is as you probably guessed, a podcast made by The Cut. So you can expect to listen to topics like culture, style, sex, politics and people. The best bit? The topics are discussed by women. Every week, Molly Fischer dives straight into chairing obsessions, arguments, reflections and confessions. We bet that once you give it a listening, Tuesdays won’t be able to come quick enough. Listen here.

The Osbournes

Watching The Osbournes on MTV was our favourite past-time as kids so when The Osbournes brought out their own podcast, the nostalgia was real. While there's a lot less commotion on the podcast than there was on the show, it still makes for a really fascinating listen...and you still get the occasional "SHAAAAAROONN" from Ozzy every now and then. Listen here.

My Favourite Murder

Ran out of serial killer documentaries on Netflix? Then start clearing out space on your phone because you’re about to become addicted to this podcast. My Favourite Murder sees hots, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discover and discuss a different murder every episode. From infamous murders like the Golden State Killer to really obscure murders in random towns in America, this podcast is utterly fascinating. Listen here

Luke and Pete Show

Ever thought to yourself, hey, I wonder who the most successful burglar is? Or I wonder if there anyone out there that has never tried a bag of crisps? Then this is the kind of podcast for you. Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson are no strangers to the podcast world as they originally began creating The Football Ramble, the pair’s charisma and general silliness were enough that fans demanded a show of their own. The hosts chat about the most random of topics and they read crazy true stories sent in by listeners. If you want something to listen to while you can be doing other things, this is for you. Listen here.

Ru Paul: What's The Tee With Michelle Visage


Netflix had the cheek to remove older seasons of Ru Paul’s drag race from the site. So if you’re struggling to fill that drag queen void, you better start listening to this podcast, hunty. Ru is joined each week by his bestie, Michelle Visage. From watching the show, you’ll know their chemistry is fantastic making them excellent hosts. Ru and Michelle have a different guest on each week and they just have the chats. From past drag race contestants talking about their lives before drag to Michelle’s own daughters talking about their struggle with mental health, this podcast is well worth the listen. Listen here.

My Dad Wrote A  Porno 

What better idea for a podcast than reading an erotic novel your dad wrote and published to your two best mates? That’s exactly what this podcast is. Every episode, Jamie Morton reads a chapter from the book; Belinda Blinked and it’s just as hilarious as it sounds. You’ve got comedy, unsettling similes, witty commentary and a serious lack of knowledge regarding the female anatomy. If you’re not into getting strange looks on the bus, then we suggest not listening to this on your commute ‘cause you’ll be laughing a lot. Listen here.

Mothers Of Invention

Mary Robinson holds the key to all millennials hearts. Chuck her on a podcast with Maeve Higgins, have them chat to/about amazing women doing remarkable things all while they fight for climate justice...all you need is some rose gold and it's any twenty-something's dream. Listen here.

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