We\'ve all been this soldier!

We've all been this soldier!Image: Trainwreck

Three days of sun falling over a weekend has us all feeling a little delicate this morning. So what's a hangover myth and what's going to make us feel better ASAP.

So, while we all wait for Dominos to open (12pm FYI), here's three things that you think are helping but are actually making things worse.


You know those people. They'lI go for a 5K run as soon as I wake up to sweat out the hangover' people. While they'll always be annoying, you can now roll over and die a little death knowing that scientifically they're making themselves feel worse. Sweating when you're already dehydrated can mean that the symptoms appear worse once the endorphin rush wears off. 

So there you have it. Exercising and sweating doesn't help you metabolize drink any faster. 

We'll just stay here so!

Hair of the dog 

This is something we're guilty of. Having such bad fear and tiredness that two / three / four drinks are needed just to take the edge off the hangover / crippling hatred of our lives.

We always knew it probably wasn't the best idea, but now it seems we're just worsening the dehydration and giving our bodies more toxins to deal with over coming days. 

That explains the Monday morning jambon run so.


Mainlaining coffee on the Luas on the way to work in the hope we'll be human by the time we reach our desk is something Team U have 100% done. But it turns out we're only tricking ourselves into an afternoon comedown. 

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Jolting our system on caffeine is great in the short term, but once it wears off we're dealing with caffeine withdrawl AND the hangover. 


So what can we do?

The sensible things that take a little while to kick in but work really well. You know like drinking copious amounts of water, sleeping it off and eating before drinking. 

If you're in dire need of a quick fix, try replacing the electolytes you murdered the night before. 

If you struggle to sleep late after a session, here's a few health hacks to make it a little easier