Rachel Brathen: The OG

Rachel Brathen: The OG

It seems like everyone has finally started to discover the benefits of yoga. From unlimited deals at local studios to 30-day online challenges we're bulk buying the Lululemon and scrolling through #yoga on Insta. But who's worth following?


An Alo Yoga ambassador, Jessica's yoga ability and creative flows are what initially drew us to to her page but over the last year she's started to share so much more. And we're hooked! From her divorce to family illness and recent new relationship, she's part of the new breed of Insta stars. Ones that don't only show the good. 

Keep an eye out for her splits game, which is seriously strong.  

Grateful heart ❤️ #LETSSTARTYOGA

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The OG yoga Insta star, Rachel Brathen is the woman behind #yogaaeverydamnday. A Swedish native, Rachel moved to Aruba for love and has since made her life on the island, opening a yoga studio and animal sanctuary. Less focussed on asana and flows than she is on spreading light and love, we're all about her commitment to taking yoga off the mat. 

Held. . . . #trust #trust #trust

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We follow Caitlin as much for interiors inspo as we do for yoga inspo! Surely if we up our plant game the splits will follow?

We like her irreverent nature and the fact that she makes everything look graceful. This is what we think if we look like when we practice.

Who do you guys follow? Or what Irish accounts should we check out?