Gracie Lou Freebush knew how to get people to like her - eventually

Gracie Lou Freebush knew how to get people to like her - eventuallyImage: Miss Congeniality

Whether its someone you’d really like to be friends with, new colleagues you’re trying to get to know, or your mate’s hot pal, most of us want people to like us.

Without going all mind-controlly, there are some subtle tricks to help people feel more positively towards you. They’re handy in, say, a work scenario as you climb that career ladder but these trick are also good for helping you navigate daily life a little more easily.

1) Copy them

Now, not in an annoying sibling way. It’s more subtle than that and is not meant to be odd or irritating in the slightest! You’ve probably heard it called mirroring -  it always popped up in those ‘How to tell he likes you’ articles in teen mags. Basically you subtly copy a person’s body language and expressions. It feels like you’re in sync and studies have shown that people feel more positively towards people who, consciously or not, have mirrored them.

2) Use active listening

This one is a rule for life - and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than planning out what you’re going to say when they stop talking, actually listen to someone. When you’re actively listening you’re giving a person your attention, making eye contact, and are responding in the right way. If you’re singing songs in your head, waiting for the next quiet moment so you can tell your own story, you won’t be engaged. And people notice.

3) Smile

A study by the University of Wyoming found that smiling women were thought of as more friendly than those with open body language. (If they were smiling, it didn’t matter whether their arms were crossed  - a typical closed body language move - or not). Authentic smiles are best. You're not fooling anyone if it doesn't reach your eyes. Just, y'know, only smile at relevant times and not constantly. That would be weird. 

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