Take it easy this festive season

Take it easy this festive seasonHome Alone

There maybe be fairy lights and Christmas trees all over the place – but December can be a bit of a slog too. The crowds, the shopping panic, the pre-holiday workload. It’s easy to overdo it and knock your mood and energy levels right off.

It’s a stressful time of year – but there are clever tricks to help you mellow out while battling the shopping crowds (and they could come in very handy on a family-filled Christmas day).

1 Stop, for a minute.

Simple but effective. Life is on fast forward mode in December. You seem to have to do all the things, all the time, and meet up with every person you've ever met in your life. Stop. Just stop. Grab a cuppa, pick up a book, put your phone in your bag and go for a ten minute walk. Sip a chamomile tea – it’s a mild sedative, or burn some calming lavender oil to stop the whirring.  

2 Hit a pressure point

Accupressure can be a instant way of lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress. Place three fingers on your wrist, at the base of your hand. Where your third finger touches your wrist, the middle spot is the pressure point. Press it firmly, but gently, with your thumb. Gently massage the point with your thumb in a circular movement - and you should start to feel more relaxed. 

3 Do the 3, 5 breathing trick

Feeling really anxious? Your body is in fight-or-flight mode, but you’re stuck in the queue at Penneys or somewhere. An expert breathing technique will help to calm you down and get rid of that excess energy. It’s really easy too: just breathe in for a count of three, then breathe out for five. Pay attention and do it slowly a few times. (This one is a great trick to have on standby, Christmas time or not.)

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