The festive season is a bit of an endurance test

The festive season is a bit of an endurance testIMAGE: The Hangover

It’s happening. The Christmas parties, the nights out, the catch ups with almost everyone you know (and don’t see from one December to the next). Then there’s the shopping, queuing in the cold for buses, and early weekend starts to beat the crowds.

Yep, the festive season is a bit of an endurance test - whether you’re a drinker or not. To survive the pre- and post-Christmas season, you need be smart about it. Get going on the below and it’ll help to keep you standing come January 2nd.

1) Make ginger your best friend

The weird little root is a healthy powerhouse. It’s great for helping boost immunity, to keep the winter colds at bay (and we all know they lurk in the corners until you’re all partied out and run down then: boom! The germs.). It’s also an inflammatory - and can be a godsend the morning after the night before. It comes in all sorts of forms but making a simple ginger tea with hot water and slices of fresh ginger is one of the best ways to take it. 

2) Eat smart when you can

Nobody wants to hear about healthy eating at the time of year - there’s too many mince pies and Baileys coffees around! If you’re 70 per cent canapes and pub grub, supplement your diet with good food at home. Have a healthy breakfast - porridge with fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon (it’s an anti inflammatory), oily fish like salmon for lunch to get some good fatty acids going; and a banana as a snack if you’re running around. 

3) Get some exercise

A work out routine can be the first thing to go when things are so busy but it’s important. Staying active actually helps to keep your immune system strong so it should help you dodge any lurgies going around. If you've had a heavy night, a walk or hike the morning after can clear the head and make you feel a bit better. (Skip the gym though - you'll be stressing your broken body out more.)

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