Up Your Instagram Game

Up Your Instagram Game

The Huawei Creatives are back for 2018 and are once again encouraging all creatives to get involved. Now in its third year, the competition empowers us all to make dreams a reality by sparking, nurturing and rewarding creative air. The Huawei Creatives are designed to bring a broader sense of creativity beyond just photography.

Want to get involved? Then check out some top tips from 2018 judge Sam McAllister; who was also the grand prize winner at The Snapys 2015.

Connect, connect, connect

Reach out and network with other creatives, not with a goal in mind but for the genuine reason that having a network helps to inspire you in your work.

Seek new perspectives

Instagram is an incredible platform to assist in nding new perspectives of over-photographed places. I recently picked up a drone and it’s given me an insane amount of creative freedom when it comes to my work.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is not the enemy of creativity; it gives a viewer an immediate indication as to the quality of your work and also your creative direction. A quick glance through my Instagram feed will look reasonably homogenous, however, I feel that the variety of subjects help create interest.

Enjoy yourself

I routinely get messages and emails asking how I make money from photography/videography. One way is that I try to get young, talented people to not just focus purely on the nancial side of things. I totally under- stand it though, as we’re accustomed to in uencers or public gures travelling the world while juggling brand deals and exotic hotel stays. As with anything in life, if you don’t have a real passion for it, you’ll burn out before you make it!

Huawei are at the forefront of smartphone camera design, pushing the boundaries of camera technology and innova- tion, working alongside the iconic brand Lecia, to engineer a new generation of intelligent smartphones. Following re- search from Huawei revealing 80% of people in Ireland want guaranteed great photos in fewer attempts, Huawei have carefully crafted user-friendly devices capable of capturing spectacular images. Whether you are a novice or a pro, Hua-wei believe everyone should be empowered to capture the perfect image and are encouraging photographers of all levels to enter the Huawei Creatives competition.