This is the kick up the arse we need!

This is the kick up the arse we need!

Let's be honest, there's only so much breakfast radio you can listen to. So, if you want to start your day with more than forced hilarity, you need to go down the podcast route. And with that in mind, we've found five of the best to motivate. Now go grab today by the balls!

The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo is a master life coach queen! If you’re looking for some light hearted and emotive tips and tricks, then Coach Castillo is your woman. Brooke talks to people from experts to listeners, so your definitely in for a discussion. Her podcasts help you better understand life coaching and how to modify your mindset. She offers some really good tips that will give you the push to step out of your comfort zone. With over 200 episodes, there is something for everyone.

We Recommend: #203 How Not to Be Shy
If you dread the text message asking you to go to a party because you get really shy and awkward around a large group of people, then this one is for you!

Operation Self Reset

Sitting at your desk in work and contemplating what you’re doing with your life? Then check out Jake Nawrocki’s podcast which is basically self-help 101. He covers all aspects of life from goal setting to the craft of not caring and everything else in between. With a new episode uploaded every week, it’ll soon become a staple in your weekly commute.

We recommend: Start your Day the Night Before
Do you feel like you’re under pressure, trying to juggle a lot and never prepared? Well have a listen to this episode and get some tips on how to kick start your day from the night before and be prepared.

On Air with Ella

The introduction and music in every podcast is upbeat and motivational in itself, and that’s before she even gets into the main conversation! Ella talks about EVERYTHING from sex and menopause to positive mental health. The advice is honest and straight to the point which is refreshing and really what most of us need to get our shit together. In most of her podcasts, she talks to other people which is a nice change from hearing the one voice drone on for an hour while you fall asleep against the window of the bus on the way to work.

We recommend:  #159Handling Criticism Better
No one likes it but it’s a part of life that we have to get used to unfortunately. Ella gives tips on surviving criticism, what to do in the moment and what to take away from the experience.

Monday Morning Pep Talk

This is ideal for anyone on the go who doesn’t have an hour at a time to listen to a podcast. The episodes are short and sweet with most of them being between eight and ten minutes. There is only 37 episodes, so you can definitely go back to listen to again and again.

We Recommend: Stop Feeling Behind
If you have a to do list as long your arm this is definitely worth a listen!

Daily Boost

Prepare to have your mood lifted in less than 10 minutes. Scott Smith has one of the most upbeat and enthusiastic voices we’ve ever heard on a podcast. He regards himself as the chief motivating officer so if that isn’t enough to convince you to give it a listen, then I don’t know what is! Scott gives tips on becoming self-aware and making a plan of what you want to do and who you want to be.

Recommend: Motivating Success
If you feel like you’re not loving your current employment situation at the moment and feel like you can achieve more, then check this one out!