There\'s more than one reason to hit the sack

There's more than one reason to hit the sackIMAGE: Getty

Getting lots of good sleep is really important for our health and wellbeing – here are some signs you may not be having your fill.

Life is busy and often the first thing to fall by the wayside is quality sleep. You stay up later, get up earlier and is your brain even full off when you’re asleep? People differ but the recommended amount is usually 7 or 8 hours a night - and here's how your body might be telling you it needs more.

Your concentration levels are rubbish

You might be able to get yourself up and dressed and out the door but do you have the concentration time of a goldfish? Sleep deprivation – which is a torture technique, by the way – can impact on cognitive function, our ability to reason and stay focused on what we’re doing.

You look awful

Anyone who has pulled an all-nighter will know that it plays havoc with your appearance. Dark shadows, red eyes, dull skin – insufficient sleep is a beauty regime’s nightmare. Our body goes into repair mode at night and if you’re depriving it of the down time, you’ll see the effects.

Your mood is rubbish

When you’re not rested, chances are you’ll end up cranky and irritable. Which can have a knock-on effect in all areas of your life. You can end up getting emotional or angry over the smallest things. Not good. Sleep is a cornerstone of good mental health too so if you’re prone to depression or anxiety not getting good rest can make it worse.

You get drowsy during the day

Whatever you do with your day – work, college, take care of your kinds - regular drowsiness is no help. Think of your body as a machine, that needs its down time to function properly. If you’re not giving it enough rest at nighttime, it’ll try to top up during the day. And you’ll be that head-bobbing person on the bus.

You get sick a lot

Missing out on sleep can have a big effect on your immune system. You body’s ability to fight off infection can be weakened so you’ll catch everything that’s going. Which could well mean you have to take to your bed, but it won’t be relaxing, restful sleep if you’ve got a cold!

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