Listen, we're all about the hustle and the feminist agenda. At least we like to think we are. Sometimes though, we need a helping hand to point us in the right direction and there ain't no shame in that game. So, If you're in need of some girl boss inspo... or indeed if you're a fully fledged feminist just looking for some new material, check out our 5 faves below. 

1. READ: A Good Time to be a Girl by Helena Morrissey

This book is a welcome update to the Lean in frame of mind. A guide for working gals who want to succeed in their chosen field, without any of the slightly problematic elements of Sheryl Sandberg's original philosophy. Rather than bending to the patriarchal and let's face it, outdated system of the boardroom being a boy's club, Morrissey champions a different way of working. Her inclusive values lend themselves to all minorities in the workplace, not just women. As a City CEO and mother of nine, we are wholeheartedly on board with the concept and here to listen to a woman who has clearly mastered the dreaded, but necessary 'work-life balance.' 

2. WEAR: We Should All Be Mirandas T-Shirt

Miranda from Sex and the City was once the one character that no one wanted to be compared to. "I'm such a relatable but albeit self-absorbed Carrie," we'd cry. Even Park Avenue WASP princess Charlotte or promiscuous and sassy Samantha would have been the alternative leading ladies of choice, if Carrie wasn't on the cards. Now we see the error of our ways and realise that Miranda Hobbes was before her time and quite frankly the most woke character on the show. This revelation has never been more relevant than in the last couple of weeks, with the actress who played Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, announcing her candidacy for governor of New York. So yes, we should all be Mirandas. 


3. WATCH: Miss Representation

This Netflix documentary examines the representation of women in the media, or, as the title suggests, the misrepresentation. Women are usually shown to be catty, secondary to their male counterparts and over-sexualised, with the main focus primarily on their looks. Women in high-powered, important roles in business or other industries are rarely seen on screen and it seems that in this case, life does indeed imitate art. According to the film; 78% of girls openly admitting to being unhappy with their bodies by the age of 15, only 17% of the US Congress is made up of women, 3% are Fortune 500 CEO’s, and only 3% hold top jobs in media. These statistics underpin the truth of the sentiment that "you cannot be what you cannot see." Certain to light a fire in your belly, this is one worth watching. 


4. LISTEN: Call Your Girlfriend Podcast

Long distance BFFs Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman started to record their weekly phone calls after being encouraged to do so by friends. They catch up on each others lives and everything and anything going on in the world since they last spoke. Topics range from politics and periods to Justin Bieber. The pals are intelligent, funny and unapologetically pro-women. Listening can often feel like eavesdropping on the bus but you can be sure you will be privy to something special. 


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5. FOLLOW: @RupiKaur

Artist, activist and author of two of our favourite books, Milk and Honey and The Sun and her Flowers, Rupi Kaur is worth an Insta follow. Brightening up your feed with beautiful images, extracts and feel good quotes, you'll feel empowered and proud to be a girl.