Put your legs to work: your body will thank you

Put your legs to work: your body will thank youIMAGE: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

Not everyone is a gym bunny, but most of us still want to be as healthy as possible. Even better if it involves a bit of low-key effort with big pay off!

While the 10,000 steps a day mantra is up for debate (apparently it originated in a Japanese ad in the 1960s!), moving your body on the regular is important.

We all know the usual tips for boosting your step numbers. Things like getting off the bus at an earlier stop, parking further away from your destination, and skipping the lift in favour of stairs There are other thing you can do too though and, thanks to this lot, you'll be steppin' up without even really noticing.

1) Dance around the kitchen when you’re cooking

Waiting for pasta to boil? Or veg to roast? Don’t sit and scroll on your phone, move around while you wait! Throw on some music and have a bit of a kitchen disco to chalk up some steps and get your blood flowing. Or get up and walk around the house while you’re creeping on Instagram.

 2) Move around when you're on the phone 

They're not called mobiles for nothing - but if you're not in the mood to lap the sitting room again, try doing some balancing or ankle-strengthening moves. Move onto your tippie-toes in controlled motions; hold, then slowly bring heels back down.

3) Walk to a local shop

If you’re only going out for a few bits, not a full-on shop, try strolling to a local store rather than jumping in a car to go to a supermarket. This is a good one if you find it tricky to get moving over the weekend - when Netflix & Couch seems almost too tempting. Once you're up and out, you might do loads of walking!

4) Buddy up

Sometimes life isn’t configured to let you casually walk thousands of steps in your day-to-day. That’s when making plans to go a-walking step in (sorry). Grab a pal – or borrow a dog – and go on an intentional walk. Around your estate, a local park or, failing that, the treadmill at the gym. (You might have to leave the dog out for the last one. Bah.)

5) Take more trips

No, not holidays, sadly, but this one is clever. And is something people usually avoid doing! Instead of combining tasks/bundling things you have to move from A to B, do it in stages. Don’t fill your arms with laundry to bring to one room or the other, make two or three trips, or carry shopping in one bag at a time. 

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