We could have sworn we had more in there...

We could have sworn we had more in there...IMAGE: Getty

We’re not quite sure where our money goes every month, but it’s never where we left it!

Since we don’t think we’re bagging that lottery win any time soon, it’s a better idea to focus on making those euro and cents last a little longer.  With a bit of smart thinking and some planning, it’s possible to save some cash without totally depriving yourself. These clever hacks can make all the difference to those dark days before payday.

1) Do your homework

Chance are you know the cheapest price for those designer label jeans or your favourite foundation - and you’ll travel to save that few quid. It’s a bit less glamorous but apply that razor sharp brain to all your shopping, especially things like food. Research the general price of the basics you always buy. You might notice quite the difference in how much things cost across stores.

2) Bulk buy - but only what you actually use

We’ve all done it. Thought, “Ooh, three for two! That’s one free!” and ended up with two things that never get used. There are seriously good savings to be made if you come across a great special offer. Just be firm with yourself before you hand over cash. Will you really use/eat/wear everything you’re buying? If the answer’s no, you know what to do.

3) Check your bills and bank statements

Don’t just passively pay what you think you owe every month, without double checking statements and invoices. Mistakes happen and you could be using missing out on valuable cash. You should check receipts too, in case you’ve been overcharged or discounts didn’t go through. Yep, this keeping an eye on your cash thing is work - but just might pay off.

4) Go old school and mend things

We live in a throwaway culture and the era of fixing and mending our parents and grandparents knew isn’t really around these days. But while we might not have those skills - but we do have YouTube! Yes, the internet is at your fingertips and quite possibly has the answers and a how to for anything you want to do, from home improvements to skincare and cheap cleaning hacks. 

5) Ditch the temptation

if you’re signed up to special offer websites, ditch the daily mails offering tempting chances to spend your cash. Flights, hotels, beauty product deals - all great when you have money and an eye for a bargain. Evil shopping temptation if you’re trying to save. Get them out of your daily line of vision to mimimise their seductive shopping power. For a while anyway.

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