An attack of the monthlies?

An attack of the monthlies?IMAGE: Getty

Periods may be all natural and everything but the accompanying pains many of us get along with them are no fun at all.

You don’t just have to grin and bear them every month though, there are lots of things that could help.

Have sex

So it might not be the first thing you want to do when you’re all crampy and bloated but it seems that getting busy does actually help. During orgasm, the body releases feel-good endorphins, which can in turn help ease menstrual pains. Plus the uterine contractions that also happen when you orgasm can flush things out faster, reducing cramps too.

Ditch the dairy

You might not think it but dairy products could be making your period pains worse. Dairy products - milk, cheese, yoghurt etc - contains an omega-6 fatty acid called arachidonic acid. It causes the production of chemical prostaglandins which cause cramping. Cut back on dairy and see if it helps.

Give ginger a go

Ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory powers which, among other things, can help sooth cramps. Ginger tea is really simple to make: just slice some fresh ginger and add to hot water, with a bit of honey or sugar if you like.

Take a hot bath

Yep, the traditional remedy does work! Warming the area helps to relax the abdominal muscles which contract during your period, causing cramping. Applying heat by having a warm bath or even holding a hot water bottle to your lower tummy or lower back, boosts blood flow to the area, relaxing the cramping muscles.

Go electric

TENS machines (it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) have long been used as a pain treatment during labour. They’re battery operated devices with sticky pads that send a mild electrical current to your muscles. It can help ease pain and there’s even a new device specially aimed at dealing with period pains too.

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